GoDaddy Gift Cards with other Payments

When I was going to buy this domain from GoDaddy, I realized that I had a gift card with $1 balance. Of course I would not waste it.

I searched and found the “official solution”. It was easy. First choose gift card as payment option, and

If your purchase amount is greater than the amount on your gift card, simply choose another payment method to cover the remaining balance.

I followed the instructions, but on the page where I entered my gift card number, I could only add more gift cards, but couldn’t add other payment methods. I tried to go to next step, with the hope that it would prompt me to choose another payment method. No, it just said the payment couldn’t be verified.

Finally I got the right way to use this “wasted” gift card. Instead choosing gift card as your payment option, you should choose the payment method that you want to cover the balance. I chose paypal, and after returning to the checkout page, I saw the “use gift card” option right below the paypal account information form. GoDaddy first used my gift card, and then requested the remaining balance from my paypal account. Largely the same if you choose paying by credit card.

GoDaddy needs to update their help docs :) .

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  1. i had the same problem sort of

    i got one of those visa gift cards for my birthday and it only had like $1.25 left on it, well i got a free godaddy gift card from myfreetld and i used it that way.

  2. I am trying to buy a domain with using a visa gift card but everytime I try it says ” There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment. Please click here to go back and confirm that your information is correct.” I am using it as a credit card. I am doing something wrong? HELP!


  3. since they were just about the primary organization to offer exceptionally moderate areas, yet I need to concede, the greater part of their “hard offer” systems and steady goading is very irritating. I don’t care for their facilitating… their facilitating control board is shocking. I loathe that you need to make somebody a record executive just to give them a chance to get in. I deal with a ton of customer sites, and naturally, they would prefer not to give me access to their godaddy account, yet regardless I have to gain into that power board.

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