Deleting the MT-powered blog

Months ago, I started a blog about interesting advertisements powered by Movable Type. During the installation and usage process, I got some knowledge about Movable Type, but the fact is that I’m still not quite familiar with it. Besides, the chosen topic is not quite related to my daily life. So now I’m stopping and deleting the blog.

Movable Type is a great blogging platform, and the team has been inventing many techniques and concepts, but the problem is that it’s defeated by WordPress because it’s not as simple and WordPress now has much more plugins.

The only advantage of using MT is that you don’t need to worry about the server load (digg effect, for example), but this is not a problem for us “little” bloggers. After several weeks, I even didn’t remember the url of the administration area.

I may start another blog, powered by WordPress, of course :)

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