Python Logging from Multiple Processes

We have a server running a Python application in Apache with mod_wsgi. In httpd.conf we configured 4 processes to run this application, each with multiple threads. This configuration caused us some troubles. We extensively used memory to cache some results from very complicated and time-consuming computation and also some key-value pairs for efficient reading, and […]

Using Facebook (and Other Sites) as User Authentication System

Many sites use Facebook Connect today, hoping to share the popularity of Facebook, pulling Facebook users’ profile/feed, and publishing their own site-generated contents to users’ feed/wall. So most Facebook Graph tutorials, including Facebook’s own documentation, tell us how to add Facebook Connect button to our sites, how to set the redirect URL, how to grab […]

Book Stand/Holder

Although many books are already available for read on Kindle, some books still don’t have a Kindle version. And for some books with lots of graphs/tables are not very well organized on Kindle. Microeconomics is an example. The Kindle version’s price is nearly the same high as paperback, so why do people buy the Kindle […]