“Google Reader Unread Count in Gmail” Script Again

After Google unveiled its “plus” social network to combat Facebook, its whole product line got an interface update and my “Google Reader Unread Count in Gmail” Greasemonkey script no longer worked. So it’s time to update it again. Install latest version. Now it seems Google hides Reader link in the “more” drop down. Or at […]

Showing Post Title in Neighbor Post Preview

A few days back, a friend asked me whether the neighbor post preview plugin can be customized to show the post title in preview. Yes, that’s a wonderful idea. Many WordPress users just use “next post” or “previous post” as the navigation link text instead of the post title. This can save much space and […]

WordPress Neighbor Post Preview Plugin

I assume you’re reading this post on its own page (i.e. the permalink). If you’re on the front page, or in an RSS reader, please go to its own page. Above the title of this post, there is the previous/next post navigation bar. Now hover your mouse on the previous post link, but don’t click […]

MyBlogLog Widget Colorer Got a Widget of Its Own

First I’d like to thank Ian for mentioning my widget colorer tool on the MyBlogLog Blog. It’s great encouragement for me. And thanks to the great guys who stumbled it. As I discovered, hundreds of visitors came according to Google Analytics, but only less than 15 had a try. A failure? I think so. There […]