Using ImageMagick for WordPress Thumbnail Generation

When you upload an image in WordPress, the blogging software tries to generate several scaled versions of the images uploaded. So after it’s done, WordPress provides 4 different sizes of the image for you to insert into the post – thumbnail, small, large, original. I noticed that for my WordPress install, only the original image […]

Showing Post Title in Neighbor Post Preview

A few days back, a friend asked me whether the neighbor post preview plugin can be customized to show the post title in preview. Yes, that’s a wonderful idea. Many WordPress users just use “next post” or “previous post” as the navigation link text instead of the post title. This can save much space and […]

Perfect Excerpt in the WordPress Way

When I started working on the Neighbor Post Preview plugin, I expected WordPress to have a built-in function to get an excerpt from an arbitrary post. But it doesn’t have one, sadly. There is only an the_excerpt tag for use within The Loop. It’s defined in wp-includes/post-template.php (version 2.3.2 code): function the_excerpt() { echo apply_filters(‘the_excerpt’, […]