Here is a list of my projects.

MyBlogLog Widget Colorer – Another way to customize MyBlogLog Recent Readers widget. (Obsolete – MyBlogLog changed the widget theme and you should use the new theme.)

Neighbor Post Preview – This gives you a preview when you hover on the previous/next links in a single post page.

Google Reader Share Panel Toggler – A Greasemonkey script which toggles the Google Reader share panel on the sidebar.

Thin Light WordPress Theme – The simple theme used by this blog.

Google Reader Unread Count in Gmail – A Greasemonkey script which shows Google Reader unread count in Gmail nav-bar.

4 thoughts on “Projects”

  1. Hi…I am Slamet from Jakarta-Indonesia. I need you inform & help me. I want get HTML code recent widget realese API. Where I get HTML code..?
    Thank you…

  2. Google Reader Unread Count in Gmail (which I used to love) no longer works since Google revamped the navbar in Gmail in Feb 2011. Update soon?

  3. Buenas. Me ha encantado observar tu crónica. Me ha parecido
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    un poco de su parecer. He avistado que tienes más revelaciones,
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    Te felicito por tu página web. Un cálido saludo.

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