Google Maps API’s Error Handling

Requirements to try out things described below: Firefox Firebug (extension for Firefox) Super large numbers as LatLng’s Open this page from Google’s example. In firebug’s console, execute the following code: map.setCenter(new GLatLng(1e100, 1e100)); Setting super large numbers as latitude and longitude like this always makes my Firefox in Windows XP hang. I don’t know […]

Toggling the Google Reader Shared Items Panel

I’m a fan of Google Reader. Although FeedDemon went free recently and it offers synchronization with NewsGator which is great attraction for many people, I still couldn’t drop Google Reader. However the panel above the subscription list takes up too much space for my humble screen resolution of 1024×768. As Google rolled out the much […]

JSEclipse vs Aptana – Quest for the Best JavaScript Editor

I saw on the web many discussions about “the best JavaScript editor”. This kind of discussions are quite like “the best PHP editor”. Neither of these two languages has a good editor as other languages like C++/Java. The difficulty in making a good PHP editor is that PHP codes are always mixed with HTML. And […]

MyBlogLog Widget Colorer

When I started to use MyBlogLog days ago, I thought it should have another widget generator besides the current one ([community name]/widgets/). The current widget customizer first give you a preview of color scheme but no layouts. When you’re satisfied with the colors, click the button and you’ll see the actual layout with the colors. […]

JavaScript Variables Notes

From: Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide:Variables – MDC Declaring a variable without “var” keyword always declares a global variable and generates generates a strict JavaScript warning. So don’t omit the “var” keyword. JavaScript does not have block statement scope; rather, it will be local to the code that the block resides within. In JavaScript you can […]