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Digg ad

You must have already seen this ad if you visited Digg these days. I came across it several times today while digging around. This ad is distributed by DoubleClick for the Dracula movie “One Missed Call” by Warner Bros. So maybe you can also find it somewhere else.

Well yes, some people have the hobby of watching Dracula movies, but I think it’s not candy for everyone. Some scary people may be frightened by this.

When standing in front of the pier glass in midnight, imagine a horrified mouth fade in from the top of the mirror and finally it shows up to be one of the eyes of a ghost. It’s funny, huh? :)

I was not scared, but I don’t like it.

Why put such kind of content to draw people’s attention? Yes it will draw our attention but it’s inappropriate for some people. I know there are lots of great ads there, fun or beautiful.

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