MyBlogLog Widget Colorer Got a Widget of Its Own

First I’d like to thank Ian for mentioning my widget colorer tool on the MyBlogLog Blog. It’s great encouragement for me. And thanks to the great guys who stumbled it.

As I discovered, hundreds of visitors came according to Google Analytics, but only less than 15 had a try. A failure? I think so. There is some problem with user experience or the tool itself is not very useful.

However I’m not too frustrated (Thanks again to the great people mentioned above). Today I added a widget to track the visitors, so finally the widget colorer got a recent readers widget of its own. It’s at the bottom of the page. Go now for a position on the widget :)

Of course it’s generated by the widget colorer itself. I used the handy Firefox extension called ColorZilla (highly recommended) to pick colors of the site for perfect match.

Still I want your feedbacks or suggestions to improve the poor user conversion rate. I’m ready for criticisms.

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