Movable Type 4.1

Movable Type 4.1 was just announced. As stated in the blog post, this is a (the first?) stable release of Movable Type Open Source.

The download link given on is a zip file. However if you want gzip format, you can get it here. This version is under the GPL v2 license. And you can also download another version here if you agree to the personal license.

The two files are not identical, if you check them. That makes sense because they include different license agreements in their source code headers. However, they deliver the same code and functionalities as far as I know.

I just upgraded my Movable Type powered blog (not this one) to the latest version of MTOS and I really like the new layout of creating entries. Don’t forget overwriting the old mt-static directory – I missed this step as a novice and the admin page was messed up :)

Yes, I’m still a novice user of Movable Type. I’m very curious about a different approach than WordPress (OK, WP is a different approach than MT).

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