Starbox With Prototip

Today I did some modifications to Starbox to let it utilize the power of Prototip. They are both cool JavaScript libraries written by Nick Stakenburg.

Starbox prototip

How does it work? When you hover your mouse on a star, a tip shows you a brief word like “lame” or “great” which helps you with your choice. If the rating box is locked, a single tip is shown wherever you hover on the box. Check out the demo. View its source to see how to get it working.

You can globally set the tips, or specify a group of tips for each specific rating box instance.

Get it

View Diff | Download the modified version

CSS for the tip (included in the zip archive):

.prototip .startip {
 color: infotext;
 background-color: infobackground;
 border: 1px solid infotext;
 padding: 1px;

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