Reply from firefox_answers on Twitter

After I saw this news on digg, I sent a tweet saying:

Mozilla’s next attempt will be setting a memory leaking record. (I don’t care, though)

I was just joking. I really love Firefox. I really don’t like the people complaining “Firefox used up my memory!”. Go buy some more, for RAM is so cheap today. These misers always keep their task manager open with descending order of memory usage, seeking the top one.

What made me surprise is the reply from a user on Twitter hours later:

@qingbo Firefox 3 should use less RAM than other browsers See & for benchmarks. Perhaps add-on bloat?

It’s from “firefox_answers“. He is monitoring tweets with keyword “firefox” and trying to help the troubled people.

Just want to say thanks to these people who help spreading firefox (As a developer who hate Internet Explorer very very very … much).

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