Fading Image With Firefox 3

As you may noticed, when you drag some selected text or an image, Firefox 3 displays the “ghost” with fading effect. This feature can be used to create a fading image.

First choose your image to fade. If it’s on your disk, just drag it into a Firefox tab. Press Ctrl+T to open a new tab as the fading image background (white).

Open the tab containing the image, and drag it onto the blank tab in tab bar. This should open the blank tab. Continue dragging the image into the blank tab, and press Print Screen before releasing the mouse button. Then you can simply use mspaint to crop the proper area.

That’s fairly easy. No “advanced” tools involved.

Sample image:

Fading produced by Firefox 3:

Note that Firefox will fade the image from the drag “handle” point. So choose the correct point to drag.

Of course the function is very limited for producing such effects. But sometimes this may be handy and useful.


  1. I used to have this feature a few days ago, but now i can no longer fade! I have no idea why? How can I get it back?

  2. Is that the only way to change setting for fading? Is there like a settings box for firefox that might have a checkbox “enable fade on images”? I already had the line set to “true”. I set it to false and nothing happens. I still can’t fade.

  3. Better yet, do you know any place I could go to learn about this? I’ve already asked Mozilla about it and all they told me was “see line nglayout.enable_drag_images” which you already told me. They have an article about it and it just says what the line does. It doesnt tell how to enable it or something to allow transparency while dragging.

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