Back from Mount Huang

Two weeks ago we went to Mount Huang (Huangshan in Chinese) and spent 3 days there (2 days on the mountains). The trip was wonderful and Mount Huang is really impressive.

During the shot trip we saw all kinds of beautiful sceneries like sea of clouds, sunrise, sunset, various strangely-shaped pines, peculiarly-shaped granite peaks, etc.

We walked on the dangerous roads hanging on the middle of the cliffs, which was very exciting. You’d better not look downwards, and pray the road is solid enough.


Below is the carved steps to Celestial Peak. It’s like a ladder stretching into the fog. It’s almost vertical but don’t be too frightened, as there’re ropes beside it for travellers to grab.


Sea of clouds appears in the morning. As you can see in the pictures, our standing ground is higher than the clouds. The picture on the right is a scenery called “monkey watching the sea”.

云海 猴子观海

If you’re interested, view more photos here:

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