It’s Hard to Persevere in a long-term Plan

One month ago, I became interested in Django and made studying Python well a goal for myself.

Yes I know there are other ways to study a language. For example, learn Python by practicing with Django. But I want to be a bit familiar with Python before coding Django websites. So I decided to implement the algorithms in the famous book “Introduction to Algorithms“. The even greater benefit for me, I thought, was that I could get more familiar with algorithms.

It’s a great plan for me, one without great determination. Some friends said it’s hard when I told them. Now the fact turns out to be I really can’t go on with it. At least it must be paused, if not terminated.

I just got a new job. Although I really love it, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of new tools and knowledge I must learn. The good news is that I will learn Python for this job. The bad is that I’m afraid I can’t learn Python through implementing the famous algorithms. I must learn fast through practicing in real productions work.

So to learn Python is easy. But the road I chose to this goal is hard. Maybe it’ll return great profits – reading the book helped me a lot in the interview for this great job.

Will I resume the process when time is not so expensive as now? I wish.

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