Bash doesn’t wrap long lines (linode, CentOS)

I got a VPS from linode one month ago and selected CentOS as the operating system.

I was pretty happy with it but soon found that if the command is longer than the window width, bash doesn’t wrap the line. I compared every possible configuration I could think out with my local CentOS installations but all are identical. When typing a very long command, it shows the command in one line, with the left side truncated, showing only a “>” character instead.

At last I was reminded by someone in the forum that the linode CentOS ships an empty /etc/termcap file. Yes. Reinstalling termcap package solved my problem.

Of course you need to “force” removing the package first:

# rpm -e –nodeps termcap
# yum install termcap


In case you want a VPS of your own, I strongly recommend linode. They’re doing very great. You get control of everything and there’s an easy-to-use dashboard (even api). Up/down-grading can be done effortlessly.

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