Gravity unable to use GPS on E71?

I don’t know. I have been trying to send a geo-tagged tweet for 3 days but still no luck. But some users told me that they could.

Gravity has no manuals except some very basic entries. So I had to google for answers, search twitter for the tweets about this topic, and shout on twitter asking for help. The closest one I got is an article published days ago: How to geotag tweets using gravity on an E71. But when I try to copy GPS to clipboard as the article says, it’s of no use, no matter how long I wait.

Some other people say that there’s an option “Use GPS” under “Tools” menu, but I didn’t see it.

I just sent an email to the address provided on the Gravity product info page, and hope there will be an official answer. Will update this post if there’s any news.

Update – no official answer but I finally found out how. Check out my new blog post – “Gravity E71 – Using GPS“.

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