Gravity E71 – Using GPS

The other day I wrote a blog post “Gravity unable to use GPS on E71?” complaining Gravity not being able to use E71’s GPS module. But now I know how to enable Gravity to use GPS on E71 so that we can check-in on foursquare and geo-tag our tweets.

Actually the problem is rather simple – just install the FP2 version! But before that I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to let Gravity use GPS.

Although it lacks documentation, Gravity is updated very frequently. Each time a new version is realeased by the author @janole, two different versions are available. For example, he just released the 6375 alpha, and sent two links on twitter:, We all know that E71 is feature pack 1, but for Gravity, you must choose the FP2 version!

During install process, you’ll notice that on the data access alert screen, there’s a new item of GPS data – that means it will access your GPS module (great!). FP2 version runs without any problem. After installing this version, you should be able to find a new row “Places nearby” in foursquare account and after clicking it you will find a list of venues and select one to check-in. For twitter, you’ll also be able to use the up arrow key to switch GPS on/off when writing tweets.

By the way, don’t forget to turn on the geotagging feature in your twitter account settings (go to, it’s not in Gravity).

Happy checking-in and geotagging!


  1. Great tip – thanks. Just got my E71 to connect to Foursquare via Gravity, after similar hours of clicking around and head-scratching!

  2. i can’t install FP2!!

    the error msg is:
    “Required Application Access Not Granted”


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