Wii Play Tanks Platinum Medal

I love the tank game shipped in the Wii Play DVD. Each time I finished all the 20 missions of it, I wondered why they didn’t expand this wonderful game into a individual DVD.

This weekend I again finished all 20 missions. Having no other things to do, I played it again. And after I killed the two invisible tanks, to my surprise, the game continued to mission 21 with a bonus life! OK – I still don’t know why my Wii doesn’t keep the records when shutdown.

The first time I ran out of lives in mission 30 and got a platinum medal which I had never seen. The second time, I finished the first 20 missions without losing a single life, and managed to reach mission 47 or 48 which I can’t remember clearly, with 210 enemies destroyed.

The missions above 20 have random maps, many same as missions below 20 but also some new ones. Each time you play, the order is different. But there are often invisible tanks (starting from 20) which are big threats.

Then I visited a friend and played Wii tanks on his machine. This time I went as far as mission 54, and killed 254 enemies. Starting from mission 50, I saw a new type of tank which was black but not the weak one which appears in mission 2. It can move extremely fast, shoot missiles like the green tanks in mission 5, and can set mines. The last skill is of no threat, but the first two make it very powerful.

So the wikipedia page says that in single play mode it has 100 missions…

P.S. I also got platinum medal in the cow riding game by toppling all the scarecrows – on my friend’s Wii :)

Update 2011-01-23: I got to the “final mission” but failed to win it. The map was the same as the first mission, but with way more tanks of various kinds. It seems several people have finished the game and posted some screenshots on the web.

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