Kindle Touch Screen?

In February, Amazon bought a touch screen company and since then a touch screen Kindle has been long anticipated by many customers. But the fact is that Kindle 3 came without a touch screen and till now Amazon didn’t say anything about the Kindle touch.

So why do people want touch screen on a Kindle? They are mostly inspired by the touch screen usage on Apple’s iPad I think. They are used to swiping fingers on the touch screen but not pressing the buttons. In the iPad Kindle app, we just tap and hold onto a word and the explanation will pop out, but on Kindle, we need to use the five-way controller to navigate the cursor to the word we want to look up.

Will a touch screen give much more power to Kindle? I don’t think so. The only benefit would be easier cursor movement, for dictionary look up, and highlighting, taking notes, etc. Even for highlighting, there is some difficulty – users expect fast response when using touch screen, but the current E Ink technology used on Kindle responds very slowly. For navigation between pages, I think using the four buttons is better than swiping through the screen. Also touch screens are too reflective and Kindle’s real paper-like screen might be degraded.

Anyway, Amazon purchased the touch startup not necessarily for producing a touch screen Kindle. You heard of the rumors of Amazon’s Android Tablet? Maybe that’s the reason.

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  1. I have to agree with you. I don’t think adding a touch screen will make much of a difference, and like you stated it might mess up the screen. But still, it is something to think about.

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