Evernote Mac Needs Improvements

Evernote Mac upgrading

To the left is a screenshot I took when Evernote Mac client was upgrading itself. Quite stupid isn’t it?

It also bothers me that searching is not so convenient. I don’t know if developers of this software actually use it or not. When I need to search for something, I need to use mouse to set focus to the search box, and then enter the phrase I want to search.

When I want to stop searching and clear the search box, I have to move my mouse and click the cross icon to the right of the search box.

I mean, for productivity’s sake, why not give it a shortcut key? In Adium, I can easily search contacts by directly typing, and stop searching by pressing ESC. That’s the key feature that allures me even if it’s less stable than the Messenger made by Microsoft.

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