A Journey into Time

This post is about how misconfigured time can affect the Linux operating system and lead to unexpected results. Also I’ll share some thoughts on how to get it right. In this specific example, the Linux distribution is CentOS 7.

Components Involved

  • RTC – real time clock. It is sometimes called hardware clock, can be set in BIOS setup screen or from the OS.
  • System clock – the software clock maintained by OS kernel.
  • chrony – successor to ntpd that keeps the system clock in sync.
  • memcached – software that keeps its own time.
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Trello – Great Collaboration and Project Mangement Tool

Recently my organization started to use Trello to track our projects. We already had many tools to help manage our ongoing/planned projects and related issues. We even developed several tools ourselves to do various jobs such as time tracking, request queue processing, etc.

I was a little resistent when they let me put my projects into it. With so many tools messing my mind, I don’t know where to look for information that matters. But Trello is the kind of product that you can’t help using, as it presents a brand new way of project management, tracking and team collaboration. Like iPhone reinvented smart phones. Like flickr introduced a new approach to online photo albums.

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Evernote Mac Needs Improvements

Evernote Mac upgrading

To the left is a screenshot I took when Evernote Mac client was upgrading itself. Quite stupid isn’t it?

It also bothers me that searching is not so convenient. I don’t know if developers of this software actually use it or not. When I need to search for something, I need to use mouse to set focus to the search box, and then enter the phrase I want to search.

When I want to stop searching and clear the search box, I have to move my mouse and click the cross icon to the right of the search box.

I mean, for productivity’s sake, why not give it a shortcut key? In Adium, I can easily search contacts by directly typing, and stop searching by pressing ESC. That’s the key feature that allures me even if it’s less stable than the Messenger made by Microsoft.

Switching to Chrome (from Firefox)

The other day I left my Linux desktop on for several hours and when I came back, it seemed everything hung there. I managed to open `top`, and found the cause being Firefox eating up all the memory. Long ago I complained that and somebody told me that it must be some extension. But anyway I’m considering a switch to Google Chrome seriously. Now, several days later, I’m quite happy with Chrome and here is my summary.

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Book Stand/Holder

Although many books are already available for read on Kindle, some books still don’t have a Kindle version.

And for some books with lots of graphs/tables are not very well organized on Kindle. Microeconomics is an example. The Kindle version’s price is nearly the same high as paperback, so why do people buy the Kindle version? Sure it’s way lighter, but the type setting is frustrating, according to some of the product reviews.

But after being used to reading on a Kindle, the problem with reading this paperback version is that it’s too heavy to hold it with hands! So I though about a book stand or book holder and actually there are some products out there. Some of them seem promising:

Of course most of the book stands mentioned above also support Kindle/iPad.

Mac Needs More Love from Chrome

Google just announced a Chrome extension listing page featuring web development tools on both Google webmaster central blog and Google code blog.

At first glance I was quite excited to see some extensions similar to the ones I had been using in Firefox. I tried them one by one – Measureit!, View Selection Source, Eye Dropper, and Chrome Editor. But only Chrome Editor worked.

It’s really frustrating. We’ll still rely on Firefox/Firebug when doing web development, while Chrome provides faster experience in daily web browsing.