Fading Image With Firefox 3

As you may noticed, when you drag some selected text or an image, Firefox 3 displays the “ghost” with fading effect. This feature can be used to create a fading image.

First choose your image to fade. If it’s on your disk, just drag it into a Firefox tab. Press Ctrl+T to open a new tab as the fading image background (white).

Open the tab containing the image, and drag it onto the blank tab in tab bar. This should open the blank tab. Continue dragging the image into the blank tab, and press Print Screen before releasing the mouse button. Then you can simply use mspaint to crop the proper area.

That’s fairly easy. No “advanced” tools involved.

Sample image:

Fading produced by Firefox 3:

Note that Firefox will fade the image from the drag “handle” point. So choose the correct point to drag.

Of course the function is very limited for producing such effects. But sometimes this may be handy and useful.

Reply from firefox_answers on Twitter

After I saw this news on digg, I sent a tweet saying:

Mozilla’s next attempt will be setting a memory leaking record. (I don’t care, though)

I was just joking. I really love Firefox. I really don’t like the people complaining “Firefox used up my memory!”. Go buy some more, for RAM is so cheap today. These misers always keep their task manager open with descending order of memory usage, seeking the top one.

What made me surprise is the reply from a user on Twitter hours later:

@qingbo Firefox 3 should use less RAM than other browsers See http://is.gd/FpN & http://is.gd/mbI for benchmarks. Perhaps add-on bloat?

It’s from “firefox_answers“. He is monitoring tweets with keyword “firefox” and trying to help the troubled people.

Just want to say thanks to these people who help spreading firefox (As a developer who hate Internet Explorer very very very … much).

Google Indexes New Page in a Minute

There was an article describing Google’s new move to promote recent web pages days ago. Today I tried a search right after I published the previous blog post and the result page surprised me.

Google Index Pages Just Published

“1 minute ago” – The new published post got indexed in less right after it’s pushed on the web! I’m using “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin to generate sitemaps. Maybe it’s the one who first told Google about the new post.

I’m not an enthusiast of SEO (the keywords are quite accurate), but this just gave me a surprise of how fast Google indexes new pages.

Maybe Google has always been indexing like that but I just didn’t noticed.

Digg Labs Ad on Digg through Microsoft

Following the Dracula movie ad on Digg yesterday, today I found an interesting thing:

Digg advertising itself

Note there is a picture on the right with a figure of Digg Arc.

So Digg is placing ads for its labs on its own site. It’s common for all web sites to promote their products. But the point was that the link on it didn’t point directly to Digg Labs. The url was redirected through a link with the domain “g.msn.com”.

I don’t know whether it’s an ad distributed by Microsoft (Digg has a deal with Microsoft). Is Microsoft just tracking the clicks for its partner?

If it’s an paid ad, it’s really funny :)

Digg the ad – Macabre

Digg ad

You must have already seen this ad if you visited Digg these days. I came across it several times today while digging around. This ad is distributed by DoubleClick for the Dracula movie “One Missed Call” by Warner Bros. So maybe you can also find it somewhere else.

Well yes, some people have the hobby of watching Dracula movies, but I think it’s not candy for everyone. Some scary people may be frightened by this.

When standing in front of the pier glass in midnight, imagine a horrified mouth fade in from the top of the mirror and finally it shows up to be one of the eyes of a ghost. It’s funny, huh? :)

I was not scared, but I don’t like it.

Why put such kind of content to draw people’s attention? Yes it will draw our attention but it’s inappropriate for some people. I know there are lots of great ads there, fun or beautiful.