500 Error During Movable Type Installation

I followed the official instructions to install Movable Type 4 on this host, but the 500 error page appeared every time I clicked the “begin” button. Besides, the mt-check.cgi script generated an incomplete HTML output – it’s terminated at some point. The log of the 500 error: … Out of memory!, referer: http://example.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-wizard.cgi … Callback… Continue reading 500 Error During Movable Type Installation

FCKeditor? TinyMCE? NicEdit!

The so-called “Rich Text Editors” are used extensively over the web nowadays, especially in content publishing systems. Of course rich text editor mentioned here won’t mean the desktop software. They’re invented to solve the problem that standard HTML lacks a rich text editor component. JavaScript and basic XHTML technologies are used to create more powerful… Continue reading FCKeditor? TinyMCE? NicEdit!