Google Maps API’s Error Handling

Requirements to try out things described below: Firefox Firebug (extension for Firefox) Super large numbers as LatLng’s Open this page from Google’s example. In firebug’s console, execute the following code: map.setCenter(new GLatLng(1e100, 1e100)); Setting super large numbers as latitude and longitude like this always makes my Firefox in Windows XP hang. I don’t know… Continue reading Google Maps API’s Error Handling

Toggling the Google Reader Shared Items Panel

I’m a fan of Google Reader. Although FeedDemon went free recently and it offers synchronization with NewsGator which is great attraction for many people, I still couldn’t drop Google Reader. However the panel above the subscription list takes up too much space for my humble screen resolution of 1024×768. As Google rolled out the much… Continue reading Toggling the Google Reader Shared Items Panel

JSEclipse vs Aptana – Quest for the Best JavaScript Editor

I saw on the web many discussions about “the best JavaScript editor”. This kind of discussions are quite like “the best PHP editor”. Neither of these two languages has a good editor as other languages like C++/Java. The difficulty in making a good PHP editor is that PHP codes are always mixed with HTML. And… Continue reading JSEclipse vs Aptana – Quest for the Best JavaScript Editor

MyBlogLog Widget Colorer

When I started to use MyBlogLog days ago, I thought it should have another widget generator besides the current one ([community name]/widgets/). The current widget customizer first give you a preview of color scheme but no layouts. When you’re satisfied with the colors, click the button and you’ll see the actual layout with the colors.… Continue reading MyBlogLog Widget Colorer

JavaScript Variables Notes

From: Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide:Variables – MDC Declaring a variable without “var” keyword always declares a global variable and generates generates a strict JavaScript warning. So don’t omit the “var” keyword. JavaScript does not have block statement scope; rather, it will be local to the code that the block resides within. In JavaScript you can… Continue reading JavaScript Variables Notes