Showing Post Title in Neighbor Post Preview

A few days back, a friend asked me whether the neighbor post preview plugin can be customized to show the post title in preview.

Yes, that’s a wonderful idea. Many WordPress users just use “next post” or “previous post” as the navigation link text instead of the post title. This can save much space and readers can more easily focus on the title of current post (example page). If you noticed, Live Spaces are using left/right arrow icons as the link text.

So I implemented this idea into my plugin. By doing this, it becomes more useful for those people who didn’t show the post titles in the link text.

Post title in preview

Thanks, Penelope, for this great idea.

Go to the plugin homepage for download. When activated, go to the options page for customization (http://yourdomain/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=neighbor-post-preview.php).

WordPress Neighbor Post Preview Plugin

I assume you’re reading this post on its own page (i.e. the permalink). If you’re on the front page, or in an RSS reader, please go to its own page.

Above the title of this post, there is the previous/next post navigation bar. Now hover your mouse on the previous post link, but don’t click :) . Did you see the little bubble showing the excerpt of the previous post? That’s it!

Sometimes title is not enough for visitors to determine whether the post is worth reading. With an excerpt, more information is provided. Some posts with great titles are worthless, while some great stories are under unromantic titles.

I just made the plugin Neighbor Post Preview to do this thing. Visit its page for download and installation instructions.

Thanks to the great JavaScript libraries – Prototype and Prototip.

Hope you enjoy this plugin and I welcome all feedbacks and suggestions.