Taking Markdown Notes with Visual Studio Code

There are numerous note-taking solutions on the web, and never-ending discussions comparing the pros/cons of them. One easily gets lost when searching for an ideal solution for themselves. You hate Evernote because it’s too bloated. But sometimes you don’t like little editors like Typora either, because they lack some features you want. After spending days… Continue reading Taking Markdown Notes with Visual Studio Code

A Journey into Time

This post is about how misconfigured time can affect the Linux operating system and lead to unexpected results. Also I’ll share some thoughts on how to get it right. In this specific example, the Linux distribution is CentOS 7. Components Involved RTC – real time clock. It is sometimes called hardware clock, can be set… Continue reading A Journey into Time

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curl SSL connect error – NSS error -5961

I got this error when I wanted to clone a git repo over HTTPS: # git clone https://git.my.org/projects/test.git Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/test/.git/ error: while accessing https://git.my.org/projects/test.git/info/refs If I access the server with curl there’s error too: # curl -v –insecure https://git.my.org * About to connect() to git.my.org port 443 (#0) * Trying…… Continue reading curl SSL connect error – NSS error -5961

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